Marketing: From Overwhelmed to In Control in Five Steps, Step One

b2ap3_thumbnail_marketingstep1If you’re like a lot of the small business ladies I meet, you’re trying to fit twenty pounds of work into a 5-pound bag. It can work, to a point. The key is to pick up every trick you can to automating, simplifying and multi-tasking your work.

The same is true of marketing.

I don’t pretend to know everything, but in the past 14 years I’ve picked up a lot of tricks. Think of these posts as my own ‘Pinterest’ board of helpful steps to getting your marketing in line and marching to your tune.


Step One: Deep Breath, Gather the Facts

Alright, I pretty much despise when people tell me to calm down so I’m not asking that. However, usually the reason we’re panicking or just numbed to the whole marketing issue is we have an amorphous ‘blob’ of things we need to do. We know they need to get done, but because we don’t write them all down or pile them up in a special spot, we have no way of separating the nearly useless from the utterly vital tasks.

Our energy is being sapped because we don’t have all the facts.

Over the course of a half hour, write out every marketing idea you’ve completed in the past. Write out the ones you started but didn’t finish. Finally write out every idea of suggestion you’ve had for future marketing.

Carry this list with you for the rest of the week and add to it as ideas come. They will come. There is something amazingly enlightening about writing everything down. Writing it doesn’t obligate you to doing anything, it just pulls it out of the writhing creativity in your mind and gives you a place to analyze it next to all the other ideas.

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