Marketing: From Overwhelmed to In Control in Five Steps, Step Two

b2ap3_thumbnail_step2Step Two: Find Out What Works

Now that you have a list of all your marketing ideas, it’s time to determine your priorities. We’ll break this into two 15-minute exercises.

The first is to write down the top three activities you are currently doing that drive in the most prospects and customers. How are they working for you? Why do they work?

The second is to write down the top three new activities you could be doing that would drive the most prospects and customers.  Try to be specific. If you write “be more active on social media” then what sort of social media? Why that one versus another? Where are your customers going?

Don’t let large tasks like ‘overhaul website’ or ‘restore my storefront’ numb you to adding them to the top three, if you’re sure they are one of the top three. We’ll be breaking any elephant projects into bite-sized pieces as we go along further.

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