Marketing “In Your Copious Spare Time”

b2ap3_thumbnail_timetickingYou’ve whipped up some basic information about your company using a Microsoft Publisher template. You’ve printing some perforated business cards with your inkjet printer. You’ve made a website using one of those “30 minute Quick Start” web creators.

It hasn’t been enough.

Your fliers and brochures confuse people and don’t bring you any phone calls. Your business cards are thrown away as soon as the networking event is over. Your website gets a few pitiful visits a week and the only contact form submissions are from spam marketers wanting to sell you overpriced “SEO Optimization” that won’t work.

You need traction. You need branding, brochures,website and mailers that WORK. Not to mention, a plan on how to use them.

But who has time?

Often marketing becomes something that falls into the “Some day maybe” list. We joke about needing to close ourselves or invent a way to slow down time. There just aren’t enough hours In the day!

That’s where Marketing Mechanics steps in. We will ” brain scan” you through empathic listening to understand your needs and issues. We analyze the priorities and propose recommendations. YOU get to have full control over which plans are implemented according to your budget and time constraints. Then we do the rest of the work, from design to copy writing to installation and more.

No, we haven’t designed a cloning machine, yet. But until then you can have nearly the same thing when you bring Marketing Mechanics into your team! Call (502) 365-5446 or email for a free phone consultation today!

Perhaps you’d like to go it alone, if so then you’re still in the right place. This blog has over 500 posts dedicated to shoe-string marketing for micro-businesses and solo-prenuers. I’d especially recommend these as good starting points:

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