Have you ever felt like your business is stuck in the mud spinning its tires?

It seems like we women business owners are supposed to do it all: accounting, selling, service, systemizing, cleaning and, yes, marketing. In a lot of ways we haven’t escaped the 80’s model of us as ‘modern women’ able to cook, clean, tend to the kids and bring home the bacon.

Is it any wonder we’re so stressed out?

You are not super human. You are not a robot. You are not able to clone yourself.

What you are… is a genius.

We all have genius work, something that we do better than almost anyone we know. I’m willing to bet your business is built around it. So why are we wasting our genius time trying to learn website software, research what SEO is, going to countless impersonal seminars on marketing and never being able to successfully implement any of it?

We need partners. We need support.

Behind every true leader is a support team. People who draw you up to the next level, help you reach your goals and cheer you into success. You don’t have to wait until you’ve “made it” to get that support either.

Our Marketing Coaching packages are designed to give you the support, structure, security, skills and accountability that you need to succeed. Because each focuses on you and the unique differences and needs of your business, the marketing guidance is tailored just for you.

Together we’ll break through your frustrating sales rollercoaster.

We’ll bringing a steady increase and steady draw of prospects. With that comes increased profits as more and more clients sign up with you.

You might be wondering about the time commitment that comes with a strategy process like this, and you’d be right to be concerned. What you’ll find is with these strategies you’ll be finding more time, rather than losing time. This is because my clients have discovered that when we give focused time to our marketing we aren’t wasting time worrying or chasing bad, frail leads.

You’re also not going to be wasting time on tactics that aren’t proven to work for your industry and need. We get laser focused because your time is SO valuable. An hour or two a week can see amazing results. Three or four hours and you’ll get those results even faster!

My clients will tell you that my real specialty is in finding that genius selling point in their business they missed and giving them the polished message to truly reach their ideal customers.

In their words “She just gets me!”

That’s my genius work: drawing out the wonder and power in your business and giving you the tools to showcase that to the world. It’s something I’ve been doing specifically for small buisnesses like yours for over 14 years. My coaching has helped businesses grow 300% in grow revenues in three short years. I’ve helped another business grow from an 8-state, 12-person team to a national brand with 25 employees and even international partners.

I’m not going to lie, this takes work and it takes honest commitment.

If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired with your business. If you’re ready to get rid of the lack mentality and live in a world of abundant customers. If you know something is missing and you need that push to make it happen. If you want to get unstuck.

Then I want to invite you to take the first step with me. Schedule a free 45-minute Marketing Clarity Call with me today.

Use Strategies Tailored for YOUR Small Business

Schedule your FREE brand-changing 45-minute Marketing Clarity Call today.

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Don’t wait. 

We have a tendency to want to put off decisions and I’d like to explore some of the big reasons my clients have used all the time. Tell me if any of these sound familiar to you.

“How can I trust you? I barely know you from Stephanie.”

Great question. In fact, marketing CAN and HAS been used for evil. Used to manipulate and trick people into buying things they don’t really want or need. Seeing companies abusing and taking advantage of a small business owner is a fast way to get me hopping mad.

Don’t they know that selling you a pretty website that has NO messaging or call to action is going to hurt you, not help you?Don’t they realize that their ‘quick buck fix’ to fill sales quotas can mean the differences between your family feeling like they can cut your stress in the air with a knife?

I come from a family of entrepreneurs and I treat you like a close family member when I begin to coach you.

TorchAward_BBB_ColorI will never suggest something I don’t absolutely think can help you. I will never sell you something that won’t serve you. Don’t take my word on it though, I have tons of testimonials raving about one major point: I CARE. I care a lot. It’s why so much of my business is referral-based and it’s why I won the 2014 Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Integrity and Excellence.

Ultimately if you’re still unsure, I again invite you to schedule that Marketing Clarity Call with me so we can both find out if we’re going to be a great match.

 “I don’t know if I can afford you. I’ve wasted so much money in the past on marketing that never worked.”

I am not cheap, that’s clear and true. What I am is an investment that has proven results. Let’s put some space around that fear of money, because it deserves to be honored. I know what it’s like. I’ve been the child of parents who had to file bankruptcy because of a business failing. I know that terror.

I also know what saved our family from losing our house. My father invested money he “didn’t have” in a coaching program. He knew we needed a guide to show us the way into success. The result was a new business that is still going after 30 years – all because of an investment of money that scared the living pants off him. Do you think we made that money back ten-fold? You better believe it! I have invested in coaches as well, hugely, and every time that I’ve found a coach that fits me I’ve seen major progress that paid back my investment and quite a lot more.

We need support to succeed.

100_GuaranteeMy 60-Day Strategy IS Success 100% Guarantee

Because this fear is such a real one, I’ve developed my Strategy IS Success Guarantee. If in two months, if you’ve been keeping up the calls and working the plan we set up together, you feel this isn’t working out and you won’t ever see results, all you need to do is tell me and if I can’t help to fix the problem I give you a refund, 100%, no squabbles and no hard feelings.

“I don’t have the time to spend on marketing.”

I have a confession. Sometimes, when faced with the choice of cleaning the supper dishes or working on my marketing plan, I would rather clean the supper dishes. I suspect I’m not alone. Clarity and structure aren’t the fun, easy projects of our business. Worse, marketing has been something you’ve probably never seen massive results with. OF COURSE you’re going to avoid spending time with it. I would too!

But what if I told you marketing could be exciting? What if I told you it could make you feel sexy and empowered in a way your super nice high heels and business suit only dreamed they could? What if I told you that by having and working a do-able marketing plan you’d actually find yourself less stressed, with more energy and better able to handle your business?

Imagine what that would feel like, knowing that you were on-track for prospect and sales success. What it would feel like to experience marketing serenity and have spare energy to focus not on money, dipping sales or payroll, but on the part of your business you really love.

Would that feeling be worth the investment of a few hours a week?

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