McDonald’s Has Gone Off the Deep End

Let’s wash down today’s entire caloric intake with a big glass of social stigma! A while back I found this lovely ad for McDonald’s on Facebook.  Don’t get me wrong, I actually like and eat McDonald’s but what the heck are they thinking?

The ad reads “Office gossip is juicier when shared over bites of deliciousness.”

Yeah, who decided this was a good idea? Office gossip is a destroyer, a cancer in any company. I’ve yet to meet anyone who hasn’t been burned and burned badly by office gossip and politics.

What is McDonald’s doing promoting their restaurant as a place to propagate social cancer? Did they think “Well we’re already marked as a company of gluttony, might as well go for jealousy, greed and so on”?

If the company was hoping this would somehow make them seem more down-to-earth as their instagram-ed image suggests I think they missed their mark. What’s next? Maybe “Funeral visitations taste better with catering from McDonald’s” or “Quench your robbery-induced thirst with a Sweet Iced Tea at McDonald’s”?

If you’re going to try and make a ‘connection with your audience’ message, avoid connecting in a negative way.

Don’t do what McDonald’s did here.

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