Review: Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck

Down and Dirty: 4 out of 5

A detailed rigorous assault on those with a fixed, non-growth, mindset that declares NO! You don’t HAVE to be dumb at anything.

Mindset focuses on two different types of, well, mindsets: the set/fixed mindset and the growth mindset. In her book, Carol Dweck explains how the fixed mindset can plague us, how it can be instilled and how it can be fought.

She goes through detail after detail on studies, experiments and research to prove that anyone can break out of the set mindset – without simply condemning those who are currently in it.  In fact, Carol points out, we are all of a set mindset on some things and our approach to life tends to dance along the spectrum rather than be a simple on/off switch.

If you feel judged. If you feel stuck. If you feel others are punishing you. If you are afraid of failure. If you avoid working your hardest because deep down you’re afraid your talent isn’t enough – Well this book is for you.

Mindset is a warm invitation to us all to step out, take a deep breath, and truck on through life’s hardships, rather than allow them to define us for the rest of our breathing moments.

It’s a fantastic book for all age groups and lifestyles. My only qualm is that sometimes, because Carol goes over examples from business, school, child rearing, teaching, and more I would get lost or feel a little out of focus and bored.  However, the wisdom in this book is well worth reading through the entire book!

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