Miscommunication Can Be Prevented

If you’re in a company or run a company with more than one person, you’re going to get your wires crossed. Inevitably you or the other people will assume you said something, maybe you even did say it, that ends up not being the direction you actually meant to go.

This could be as mundane as accidentally approving a marketing piece without really looking it over carefully. It could be as dangerous as one local ice cream shop that has a different closing time on the website versus their print materials.

Whatever it is, it will happen. You can negate this not by becoming a micromanager, which might be tempting in your anger as the mistakes, but by keeping all the key people in communication with each other.

One of the biggest solutions to this is managing your space. Keep the project teams located very close to each other. The more inclined a person is to get out of their desk and talk, the more likely information that otherwise might have been forgotten about in an email will be remembered during the natural socialization of nearby coworkers.

There are many other solutions of course and you will have to experiment and find the one that best fits your culture and style.

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