Morning: Your Most Productive Time

I may have written about this before, but I’ll say it again: Morning is one of our most productive times of the day. YES, even for us non-morning people.

It wasn’t long ago a book, a few actually, suggested that e-mails, news and other distractions are absolutely the worse things to attend to when you first wake up. I was skeptical, but I tried it. Now my morning regiment includes a short spiritual development passage and 10-15 minutes of meditation and prayer. Then it’s time to make a sit-down breakfast all the while listening to a helpful audio book or Christian radio station (aka something without all that gloomy dreary news and gossip).

By the time I head out the door to work I am more centered and more ready to start my day.

Which is why one of the first projects I tackle before work is writing something for this blog. It’s amazing what a fresh mind can do for inspiration, flow of thought and clarity of communication.

But, hey, don’t take my word on it. Don’t take the word of a couple of authors. Take a one-month challenge. See how it changes your routine and how it affects you. If it doesn’t help after a month, well, it’s only a month! However, if it does help you, think of what you’ll have gained!

I will admit one of the greatest challenges when I get in front of my computer is ignoring my emails and my habitual internet browsing. I’ve actually caught myself mid-click onto my email system and hurriedly shut the browser down before my eyes could scan the list.

Save for the rare exception, anything left as a message for you will still be there and won’t have exploded while you took an hour or two to harness the best of your daily productivity.

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