Mutant Viruses and Referral Marketing

Did you know that sometimes, viruses with collide in an infected computer and breed a new, mutant virus?

I recently read this MSNBC article about “Frankenware” which is their term for viruses born of multiple viruses colliding.  There is concern that such random occurrences may eventually result in some monster virus that would be tougher and faster than it’s parents.

Of course we’ve also believed that of germs and bacteria for years. Remember all the hype about how anti-bacterial soaps and hand sanitizers were breeding resistant super germs?

But the fear-mongering aside, could this possible happen in marketing? There is the story of the waffle-maker and the ice-cream salesman at that world fair. I don’t know if it’s true that the ice-cream vendor’s running out of cups for his wares resulted in the first waffle-cone, but the story serves as a great example.

Here were two seemingly unrelated companies that came together to make something truly wonderful.  We see the same in some industries. It’s why malls with food courts and a little bit of everything are popular, why salons do hair, nails and massages.

A group of people offering different but usefully combined services can get together to offer a new package deal.  They can also refer business to each other – doubling your marketing network.

Consider creating a group of businesses that would go well with your own. Remember to keep the principles of the Go-Giver in mind and the group’s combined efforts might very well make you all viral!

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