New Resources from Your Local Library

librarynewsI have in my hot little hand a newsletter from my local library. They’ve been making huge headway into assisting us in our digital book needs.

For the most part this has been a silent revolution – but no more!

In addition to Kindle-ready book downloads and MP3s you can download and ‘check out’ for 30 days, the library has come out with over 160 digitized magazines including popular business titles. All 100% FREE!

If you don’t have a library card, get one and check out this fantastic business and marketing resource.

While you’re at it, check in with your local library’s events. I found out mine is sponsoring free video-making classes, a great consideration for those of us wanting to post commercials and other viral videos online.

Results will vary depending on location, but check this out. In a month’s time all of the following workshops are available free of charge at my local libraries:

  • How to Self-Publish Your Book
  • Game Making Tips & Tricks
  • Chocolate Tasting (Ok not business related buy, yum!)
  • eBook & eMagazine Walk In Help
  • Ask-A-Lawyer Clinic
  • Moble Device Ins & Outs
  • Online Creative Writing Resources
  • Video Editing & Sharing
  • Make Lab: Movies
  • 3D Computer Modeling/CAD
  • Websites & Blogging
  • And Tons Of Basic Computer/Office Software Courses

Do you think you might find something worth your while, if nothing more than to socialize with potential prospects? I think so!

Don’t forget the library is also a great source of marketing books and research!

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