New Year’s Resolutions are for Schmucks

It’s almost a cliché. New Year’s resolutions are a joke that I can’t turn to any media that doesn’t reference a resolution after January first without also mentioning how fast people are failing them.

The problem, as I see it, with New Year’s resolutions is they’re made out of obligation. You are going to be asked what your new one is at the party and weeks before and after.  So, for a while you get a good feeling of being a productive and forward thinking positive person by creating a goal.

And then we fail.

Call me a cynic, but I never bothered with resolutions for New Years.  I also refused to go on a diet or really start taking care of my money with a budget … until I was really ready.

  • I now keep a list of 100 ‘Things to Do’ every year, completing between 50 and 85 items thanks to a book called “Hello, My Name is Scott” who suggested the practice.  I was ready, then for it.
  • I now weigh 100 pounds less than I did four years ago and I’ve kept it off, too unlike many dieters.
  • I now have my finances under control and don’t owe a penny to anyone.

What do these all have in common? They weren’t done because of peer pressure.

If you want to really change, then you can.  However, without that desire, anything you put to paper is empty and doomed to failure.  So this year, as you watch hundreds of people fail in their resolutions, think about what you would really, really like to resolve to do.  Don’t commit until you are sure with every fiber of your being it is what you want.

Then, when you can’t stand NOT going for that desire any more. Commit to paper your ALL-YEAR resolution(s). Tell others, pinky swear and spit-shake with yourself and any higher power you trust.


Then Go… Go… Go!

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