Nicko’s Kitchen: Doing Marketing the Right Way

I came into the Nicko’s Kitchen scene late in its fourth season. It is a cooking show on YouTube hosted by an Australian man called Nicko. As production goes, there’s nothing especially flashy about this web series. It’s hosted in his kitchen. It doesn’t have a highly polished intro. The audio quality is a little amateur.


The cooking instructions are user friendly. The down-home setting and less-than-professional-chef cooking skills makes each recipe look accessible to the common audience. And Nicko… well how can you rule out the star of the show?  Nicko’s friendly smile, encouraging baritone and casual conversation during his shows completely cements the deal. We quickly feel like we’re over at his home for dinner and he’s our best bud, showing us how it’s done.

But how does one go from cooking shows on YouTube to being a published cookbook author?

Well it would be easy to cash in and use his YouTube channel to promote at the end of each of his shows, with links on his website and in the bottom of his video descriptions. He could even make several videos just promoting the cookbook or showing off recipes in each section.


What Nicko did I think shows exactly the kind of innovative marketing that our culture is leaning more and more towards. Now, it would be easy to be cynical about Nicko’s giveaway, to say it’s just a marketing ploy.  I’m not talking about the giveaway. That’s not the marketing.  It’s the way he looks at his audience, they way he treats them and the way he tries to show his gratitude. That connection will help Nicko go very far, very far indeed.

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