Nit Picked to Death

I might have mentioned this earlier in a post, but it bears repeating: Please nitpick at the beginning!  It’s ok to have a particular desire and want your marketing to go a certain way – however doing it late in the project can confuse and frustrate.

Not only this but waiting until your designer has made a full work-up of your request to rip it apart is going to result in a muddled concept because you’re starting to send the designer mixed messages.

For instance if you say “We want a delicate, refined feel” then after the work up say “No, that’s too feminine – make it more muscle truck” your designer isn’t going to know how to process the two stark contrasts. (Maybe lace on a Harley?)

If you’re paying a designer by the hour or using a service this late ‘thrashing’, as Seth Godin calls it, is going to cost you lots of money.  So to be sure your project comes out with a clear message, on time, please be sure to nit pick in the planning stage.  Take time to reconsider if “delicate and refined” is really going to reach out to your customers BEFORE you take it to the designers.

Also, adjectives can be dangerous because ‘delicate’ can be so many things.  If you want to be extra sure you get what you want, bring some samples with you of other ads or projects that get the ‘feel’ you’re after.  The designer won’t make it the same, but they’ll understand what you want better. (Again, you may not think you have time to bother, but an hour now saves ten later.)

Remember: Fast is Slow and Slow is Fast.  You will get your project done right the first time, faster, for putting in the “extra” time at the beginning.  Save time, do things with the tortoise mentality, not the hare.

We all know how that story ends!

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