Obama Campaign Went from Raising $15 Million to Raising $150 Million with Email

b2ap3_thumbnail_emailmoneyWe all trash spam emails, every day. I hate spam, we all hate spam. Yet, while that sentiment remains and there are some strict laws against spam-email, email as a marketing tool is still a significant player.

On June 5th Wired released an extensive report about how email turned an meager donation gathering list to an online powerhouse. The secret was not the size of the email list, but the careful honing of the email itself.

It’s called A/B testing. What you do is send half your list one type of email and the other half a slightly altered version – possibly with different wording, or a different title. Then you measure which one gets unsubscribed more, which one gets better responses and ultimate who donated.

Rinse and repeat.

The article is a fascinating delve into what we ‘think’ should work with an email campaign and how wrong that often is. By taking a risk at being annoying and actually testing ideas rather than dismissing them, Obama’s campaign when from raising $15 million to $150 in a month just in online donations.

My question for you: If testing can increase donations for a political campaign by 10 times, why aren’t you testing your email campaigns? Are you ignoring email altogether? If so… why?

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