Oh Myyy! It Isn’t Always George Takei on Facebook

b2ap3_thumbnail_facebookwriterOn June 7th, Wired reported a story that George Takei apparently doesn’t always do his own postings on Facebook. He has ghost writers, interns and his husband Brad help post when he’s too busy or otherwise out of town.

Many celebrities do this sort of thing, Dave Ramsey is famous for being utterly upfront about who posts on his Facebook account (usually not him at all). However, his 4.1 million fans reported being crushed and unhappy when learning the news.

There was a strongly held belief in Mr. Takei’s authenticity on Facebook and while he even mentioned his ghost writers in his book “Oh Myyy! There Goes the Internet” there was a perceived loss by his audience when the news became more publicly spread.

George Takei claims this is a lot of fuss over a minor thing because what is important is that his fans always have something to make them smile or giggle a bit when they log onto Facebook. Ultimately, I don’t think this will affect his popularity at all, but it’s fascinating to see how a successful Facebook Personality manages a growing empire of fans.

The fact Mr. Takei was able to use various sources for his posts and they all still came together as coherent and seemingly his personal style speaks a lot for how ghost-posting should be done. There’s still a level of management George Takei is taking lead on and in that his Facebook page remains authentic.

If you’ve been considering having employees or an outside source work on your Facebook posts, just keep in mind you are ultimately responsible for those posts! Like Mr. Takei it’s vital you don’t let go entirely of the reigns until it’s clear those acting on your behalf know how to properly represent you.

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