Organizing a Photo Library

Recently I talked about building your own photo library.  This can be a little overwhelming if you don’t know how to organize your photos so you can find them again easily.

I recommend taking some time before you get started to create a basic framework of how you want your photos organized.  If you’re a fairly small company this will probably be less intimidating.  You could, for instance, organize by product name.  I had folders for each brand of equipment we serviced and then inside those a folder for each model of that brand.  I also had a folder for technicians in action, one for training manual photos, one for parts & tools and another miscellaneous.

If you’re using a mac and happen to have Adobe Bridge, starting early in tagging each photo with keywords will turn your library into one of those stock photo websites.  For instance if you’re working on an ad and need an angry man you can type angry man and every photo tagged ‘angry’ and/or ‘man’ will show up.  Great if you’re looking for say… construction outdoors versus construction indoors, etc.

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to organize your photos early and often. A pound of effort now will save you ten pounds later!

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