Out Today at Entreleadership Simulcast!

I’m super excited to finally be attending, albeit not exactly live, an Entreleadership event! For those of you who haven’t read the book or heard me talk about it before I’m a big Dave Ramsey fan.

His Entreleadership one-day seminar was born from a training session he used to do for his new employees. Then employees were asking to bring friends, pastors and others. One day Dave looked around and realized ‘Hey, I bet I could make some money off this!’ and Entreleadership seminars were born.

It’s a great story of business evolving, realizing what people want and providing it for them – but more so it’s an excellent resource for business owners and staff/team members.  Dave is joined by several key speakers and leaders in his organization and I’m looking forward to hearing their own takes on this movement.

Can’t make it? Check out his book by the same name, the free Podcast and other resources on his website: http://www.entreleadership.com

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