Over and Over

Recently I saw a promotional video for a product called “The Buddha Board”. What appeals to me about this board is it changes to black if wet and dries back to white letting you practice calligraphy-style art with the bamboo-style brush. It’s perhaps the most fluid representation of the designer mind that I’ve ever seen.

See, it’s never about making the perfect design. It’s about creating so many designs that you begin to perfect technique and improve overall. There are many designs I’ve made over the course of my life that I would look on now and cringe, but I also see a huge number of designs that impress me as I fought through design challenges that didn’t work so well and into even better solutions.

So, if you’re new to making designs for your company, consider taking a Buddah Board approach. Make several designs, let them sit for a few days, then make some new designs. Chances are your newer options will look light years better than your first ones.

See, in the time between fighting to make a design and your second round of concepts your mind will be subconsciously trying to find better ways of attacking the problem. You’ll quietly pick up on ads you like, brochures that attract you, and start trying to modify your older concepts into something with these elements.

So don’t be afraid to trash early ideas, in fact, it’s the best way to make that killer marketing promotion!

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