Polarizing Your Company – Dangerous & Exciting

Did you hear about the pizzeria owner who bear hugged President Barak Obama? If not you might like to read about it here: http://mashable.com/2012/09/12/bear-hugging-pizza-guy-facebook/

What was especially interesting was how this photo op took a turn for the weird. Suddenly Big Apple Pizza was under attack on, of all places, Yelp!

That’s right, the company’s Yelp reviews were spammed by angry anti-Obama people who barraged it with 1-star ratings and comments like “The owner is a moron”.  Then things really heated up as supports got wind and fired a response volley of 5-star ratings.

Whether you’re for or against hugging a President of the United States, you got to admit all this publicity has been good and bad for the company. Maybe you don’t have to get that extreme, but if you start sticking your neck out on hot-bed issues instead of being so blandly kosher about every topic you might just find your core Tribe.

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