QR Codes – Are They For You?

One of the problems you might have run across is finding a good domain for your company’s website. If it’s at all long, then you might begin to run into problems with print promotional material: Namely that people might not remember your website from a poster or billboard when they get to their computers. There are ways around this, but one simple solution many people are resorting to are QR Codes.

A QR code is a square of various black and white boxes that functions a lot like a bar code. Smart phones are equiped with many options for scanning these codes. These codes most often take people to a specific website. The bonus here is you can make a specific page (yourwebsite.com/qrpromo) and watch analytics on you website to see how many people use the QR code to know if it’s popular enough to keep using.

Additionally by using a QR code you can harness impulse and energized potential customers immediately. Sweeten the deal with a little bonus or coupon for using the code that day and you’ve got yourself a hit!

Now, you might not be the most tech-savvy person, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use this technology. You might try Go Moble Tag  which has a free option for 2 campaigns. After that it’s a very affordable $12.95/month for the next option up. This site can walk you through created a QR code easily and with minimum know-how.

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