Questions You Should Ask Your Website Designer

b2ap3_thumbnail_report3Here are some great questions to ask a web designer you’re considering hiring. No only does this work for small businesses in Louisville, KY but really for small businesses all over the country. It’s easy when speaking with a designer to forget to ask for information that will make your experience well communicated. This is by no means a complete list but these are questions I find many small business owners who aren’t very tech-savvy don’t know or think to ask.


Will I have my own webhost account and be able to cancel or extend my hosting agreement at any time with the host directly?

Will I have ownership of my web domain and be able to cancel or extend my domain agreement at any time with the domain registrar directly?

How long will the hosting and domain last? When do I need to renew?

Will you be using WordPress?

Will I have full ownership of the website and be able to edit it with full administrator access?

Will you give me training on how to edit the website?

How long will the design and installation take?

What do you need from me?

What guarantee do you offer on your service?

What experience do you have?

What type of clients do you usually serve?

May I see examples of your work or testimonials from past clients?

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