Reaching Your Audience Step Four: Start Reaching Out

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Starting on your first marketing idea in order of priority, start to implement it! If in our single-mother example your first marketing idea was to host a talk at single-mother support clubs, then it’s time to break that down into its own steps. You’d need a speech for one, something that would be of interest and value to a single mother. You need a list of single-mother clubs. You need to contact them with your proposal. You need to schedule out your talks. You need to have your call-to-action and your handouts or sign up sheets ready. Then you need to give those talks.

See how fast a single marketing idea can start to take up a lot of work? This is why we prioritize. We’re willfully ignoring all the other ideas so we can focus and make this single one work as best as possible.

Each marketing idea is going to take time and multiple steps to execute. Hopefully by only working on one marketing project at a time, you won’t be overwhelmed.

Almost every marketing idea is going to require some research to find the right contacts. It will also likely take some sales work to get in the door. I’m sorry. Sales and marketing are very closely tied together. You can’t just do marketing, eventually you’ll have to *gulp* talk to *gulp* people.

Get some sales training, get some coaches to cheer you through this. If all else fails, delegate. However, if you delegate understand this:

You can delegate the job. You can NEVER delegate the RESPONSIBILITY.

Even if you get someone else to do the talking, you’ll need to arm your person with the right things to say, the knowledge to sell your company, who your ideal customer is, what makes you special, what special value you add, etc.  They might need you to write a sales script too! They need lists of people or groups you want them to talk to and the end goal you want. Keep in mind cold calls are almost NEVER going to result in a sale. You want them to just give permission for you to send them more stuff, get them hooked with a free giveaway, agree to a training course, sign up for a newsletter, etc.

You also need to keep tabs on how the sales side is going. How many closes, how many visits – not just for sales but any contacts you’re asking this person to do (even in our example perhaps they’re the ones calling and setting up the seminar appointments).

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