Reaching Your Audience Step Three Examine Your Budget and Make a Plan


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Hopefully by now you have six or more ideas of where you can start reaching out to your ideal customers. Hopefully you weren’t limiting your choices by price yet either. If you know what an expensive marketing option might be, you’ll have your eyes out for bartering or partnering opportunities that might get you that goal later on as you’re making friends and connections.

However, yes, we do have to take budget into consideration before going any further. Decide what you think you can afford to spend for your marketing. Can you do 100% free marketing? Yes. Is it as effective as investing some money into it? No. For truly free marketing ideas, I recommend Jim Cockrum’s book Free Marketing.

Keep in mind your marketing budget might be fore things you’re not considering like taking a client out to lunch, buying props for your sales pitch, sponsoring a sports team, building and running a fair booth, printing up brochures, etc.  More traditional costs could include digital ads, print ads, air time, fliers, business cards, handouts/giveaways, etc. Like all of marketing, this will fluctuate, but it’s good to have a starting goal)

Once you’ve decided on how much you think you’ll spend, prioritize your list by cost and effectiveness. This may start to feel overwhelming, but take a deep breath. You’ve now made a plan for now and your future. It’s a blueprint, a first draft. Things will change. However, you have direction and order. This is a HUGE step!

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