Review: Boundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud and John Townsend

Down and Dirty: 4 out of 5

While heavily Christian Dr. Cloud presents an assuring, comforting look at setting realistic and healthy boundaries in all facets of life.

I’ve been told by others I have amazingly healthy boundaries.  While this may be true, I’m not perfect and this book still gives me pointers and reminders for making my own life happier and less stressful.

So much of our problems lie in bad or no boundaries – both in life and business.  I remember very vividly several customers who constantly abused our service staff and made the big-wigs jump through hoops because they were such a large portion of our income we couldn’t afford to lose them.  In some companies, however, they will politely ‘fire’ bad customers.  All that hard work and effort in trying to keep a bad customer then can go into finding new, bigger, better customers.

Even if you think you have boundaries down to perfection, read this book.  If you’re honest with yourself you might find some cracks here and there that need patching and if nothing else this book’s advice is a god-send for when you are asked to advise friends and colleagues on bad relationship issues.

There is one word of warning: this book is heavily Christian.  I mean like if Christianity were chocolate chips, this would be a Chips Ahoy cookie. You can’t take a bite of information without finding something about religion in it.  That doesn’t invalidate the book, in my opinion, but I can understand how people of other faiths my get put off from this book because of it.

Then again, this is from a Christian who happily gobbles up world views from other faiths and cultures.  Just wait until Thou Shall Prosper by Rabbi Lapin!

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