Review: Duct Tape Marketing by John Jantsch

Down and Dirty: 5 out of 5

An all-around immediately accessible marketing advice, strategies and techniques.

Duct Tape Marketing takes you from initiation of a business and through into creating a high-impact, extremely effective and time-efficient marketing strategy for your business.

Each step is laid out in the right order, starting with foundational techniques like creating your verbal business card and developing your internal marketing statement with a unique selling point. From there John takes us to content creation, website usage, partnering with other companies and creating special deals to reward our best customers.

One interesting creative step he mentions is building your ideal customer profile so that your marketing can be targeted as if talking to a single person. Of course getting testimonials and keeping a real ear out for what customers like or want is a big deal as well.

This book is so jam-packed with both long-term and short-term solutions as well as shortcuts and suggestions for performing marketing without as much work that I’ve read it four times already. I had to before I felt I had a good enough grip to give a full review on it.

This book surpasses my previous top recommendation, Guerrilla Marketing 4th Edition, because it includes a truly genius mix of foundational work (missing from Guerrilla Marketing), tips of saving time (also missing) as well as a healthy dose of practical every-day techniques. Both books are excellent and should be read. One does not replace the other, however if you’re looking for one single book to start with, Duct Tape Marketing is the one to read.

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  1. John Jantsch

    Thanks for this recommendation – I am particularly pleased that you felt the book was laid out in a way that followed a system – that was and is certainly my intent and firm belief for how a small business must approach marketing in the long run.

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