Review: Excuses Begone! by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Down and Dirty: 4 out of 5

A powerful read for the advanced thinker and someone with a mind open to real change.

This book focuses on how to realize when we’re making internal and external excuses and how to overcome them. It isn’t an easy read by any stretch, but after reading other mind-over-matter books such as Born to Win and Think and Grow Rich a great deal of Dr. Dyer’s words resonate.

My word of caution comes from the very radical nature of the book’s advice. Even though I consider myself a very open-minded learning-centric person this book pushed me past my comfort zone when it came to embracing my own personal power.

That said, this book is also extremely eye-opening. While it has very obvious spiritual tones, it is not entirely denominational and Dr. Dyer makes excellent references not only to spiritual teachings but also quotes from famous leaders, writers and poets.

Excuses Begone! argues effectively that we are the masters of our fate and that all excuses can be destroyed with first observation and admittance of what the excuse is, where it came from and then addressing it through questions and replies that wipe it away.

The book covers 18 common excuses and many of the reasons behind them. Additionally it addresses many excellent points about why each of these excuses are invalid and can be invalidated. The trick is YOU have to invalidate them. YOU have to win the argument with yourself and then resolve yourself to a paradigm where you can address all excuses with the same observation, questioning and assurance/rebuttal.

I like that, as I went through the book, there were some times where I was starting to argue with Dr. Dyer and within a few short minutes he would be responding to my argument as if he’d been in the car with me.  His book is extremely thorough and well thought out.

It can be a difficult book to read in large chunks, so I recommend reading small bits and contemplating them before you move on.

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