Review: Getting Things Done by David Allen

Down and Dirty: 4.5 out of 5

The perfect solution for those of us with heads spinning, overwhelmed by all the tasks we’ve yet to complete.

David Allen gives us powerful advice on how to really organize our lives so that we make the most of our time and don’t stress over the things that simply can’t be done at the present moment. With his system in place, you can free your mind to more creative, low-stress thinking with the comforting knowledge that you aren’t forgetting anything.

I won’t lie the system is time-consuming to begin and will take a bit of work just to get into the flow of, but I’m only a few weeks into using it and I’m already finding myself more productive and less likely to drop a ball.

But don’t let me convince you. The first portion of the book goes into the power and impact this procedure has provided for others. The author has helped coach people through this very same system many many times over before writing a self-help book with the same techniques laid out in it.

If you’ve wanted a little more control and a little less of that ‘scattered’ feeling, give this book a couple of reads.

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