Review: Guerrilla Marketing (Fourth Edition) by Jay Levinson

Down and Dirty: 5 out of 5

Current, insightful, absolutely chock full of actionable steps to market your company.

Having read the original Guerrilla Marketing, I had reservations about reading it’s fourth incarnation, however the very first chapter shattered my concerns. This is a book that strives to be as current, relevant and easily accessible as possible. That’s not an easy task given how fast our marketing is changing thanks to social and technological revolutions.

To paraphrase Jay Levinson: “Challenge Accepted.”

Just a single chapter has so many tips and step by step advice on where to go, how to learn and why you should do a particular marketing style that you’ll want to be taking a lot of notes. I have about four pages of notes and I feel that I skipped over a lot of important things.

Some of the tools I intend to use include: creating an e-book, using opt-in marketing, creating a podcast, building a mailing list, sending out monthly newsletters and sending free columns to local magazines and news sources. Oh yes and naturally I’ll want to run some webinars or seminars about marketing, especially given my first trial run of a seminar went very well.

I was very happy to learn some of what the book suggests I’ve already been doing such as submitting articles to other online news sources and maintaining a useful blog.  If I had any complaint about this book it was that there were too many goods ideas and I got a little overwhelmed.

But that’s ok because I’ve made a list of the things I’d like to start on and I’ll just go down the list! If you’re looking for more customers – read this book!

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