Review: It’s Not as Bad as You Think by Brian Wesbury

Down and Dirty: 4 out of 5

If you have worries about the economy or interest in learning how the stock market is really affected by it, this is a book for you.

This book kind of bored me. Maybe that’s not the right way to say it. It was just that the writer very clearly knew what he was talking about and very often it would go over my head. Of course I also don’t listen to the news or follow all the doom and gloom talk about the economy. (My philosophy is that I’ll start listening to experts when they figure out which part of the egg is actually healthy)

However, I trucked through this book by blessed stint of it being audio and therefore not needing my eyes to un-cross to keep reading.

The more I listened and the deeper we got, the more I realized how important this book is to countering all the short-term media hype that is constantly flying around us. While obviously my solution works (ignore the crap out of it) this book actually breaks down what happened and what is likely to happen and how it can be fixed or messed up.

More importantly, to me, the author explains what will NOT fix the economy and what will NOT break it.

Considering that even now a lot of discussion is going on about government spending and debt and so forth this information and the logical series of arguments behind it would be a great help to many people I know who keep freaking out about the economy collapsing.

If you find yourself at all affected by the fear-mongering going on in the media and in politics, this book will help give another side to current events. I highly recommend this book, despite it sometimes being difficult to get through.

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