Review: Quitter by Jon Acuff

Down and Dirty: 4.5 out of 5

A solid, highly recommended book for anyone who needs a talking off the ‘Quitting Ledge.’ – at least until Jon can toss you a parachute. A great how-to for following dreams.

I’ve read several great ‘find a new job and balance your life’ books, but Jon’s book came into my life when I was teetering on leaping into a great unknown with little to no idea if, especially in this economy, I would land on any remotely non-lethal.

The title ‘Quitter’ was like a siren’s call to the inner most desire in my heart. “Leave, leave and find something better!” it said.  And, after unsuccessfully finding anything better after months of looking, that mantra was turning into “Leave and just do nothing at all because clearly I’m worthless!”

Talk about a terrible mentality!

Jon’s first chapter “Don’t Quit Your Day Job” hit me like a slap in the face – a desperately needed slap in the face. His book talked me out of my cycle of self-hatred and bad-talk like he’d been exactly where I was.  That’s because he has.  For years Jon worked in jobs that were steady, dependable and all the same he hated that they weren’t the things he loved.

Then he explains how to get out, but get out into a dream, not a nightmare.

If you have ever felt that you’ve lost something in your life or that you’ve forgotten some purpose you once had, Quitter is the book for you.  I would almost call it a prequel to starting your own business.  The baby steps needed before you go out on your own and make it all happen.  The pitfalls that some other books mention but don’t go into a lot of detail, Jon fleshes out and give life.

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