Review: So You’re New to Sales by Zig Ziglar and Bryan Flanagan

Down and Dirty: 3.5 out of 5

Short, sweet with lots of information in a compact form about developing into a sales person.

This book has more acronyms than a bowl of alphabet soup! Don’t get me wrong, I like acronyms as a way of remembering complex steps or concepts, but as many as there were I can only remember PRIDE and POGO.

PRIDE stands for Professionalism, R… , I… , D…, and Empathy/Ego Drive.  Ok so maybe I don’t remember PRIDE very well, but I do remember that it was meant to be a way of dealing with the stigma of being a salesperson!

POGO is for when you’re in a sales call and trying to establish a relationship with the client and get lots of information. It stands for Personal, Organization, Goals and Obstacles. When you’ve talked about these with open-ended questions you’re more likely to truly understand what the prospect needs and wants and therefore can sell them what will fit.

I liked that this book takes considerable amount of time addressing the fears and stigmas of being a sales person. The analogy of the waitress offering you more water and not taking it personally when you say no is an interesting if somewhat incomplete one.

I also liked that it was said that if your sales call ends without a sale it’s not a failure – you just broke even. You did your job and no one can fault you for that. I think that’s important given how refusal can feel like rejection and devaluing of one’s self worth.

What might most stick out to me in this book besides what I already mentioned was that sales is a growth profession: you have to always be growing, learning and developing. I whole heartedly agree.

Besides the dizzying acronyms, the big difficulty with this book was the reader for the audio version. The reading felt very stilted and the vocal variation felt forced and non-conversational – very unlike how I usually expect books with Zig Ziglar’s name tied to them to sound.

Still worth a read!

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