Review: Spark by John Ratey MD

Down and Dirty: 4.5 out of 5

Scientific but engaging proof of how exercise improves and builds the brain.

I’ve grown up my entire life with the vague affirmation that exercise is ‘good for you’.  However, I’ve never heard that exercise not only builds a healthier body, but also a healthier mind.

We’re not talking about the fluffy ‘runners high’ either. John Ratey goes into detailed scientific studies, biopsies and case studies from a huge list of scientific research papers.

I can’t give you all the science terminology but, Ratey goes into how exercise can repair dead and damaged brain cells from drug and alcohol abuse, build and improve on current brain matter, improve retention and comprehension in students, battle and manage ADHD, compensate and remove depression, conquer addictions and force the mind to operate fluently despite heavy damage by Alzheimer’s.

This book blew my brain.  It’s a really amazing work that can potentially affect all facets of life from childhood to work life to retirement.  While this book isn’t entirely a business book it was so amazing I wanted to review it here to get the word out.

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