Review: The Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann

Down and Dirty: 5 out of 5

A beautiful story wrapped around the five laws of stratospheric success.

What if I told you the secret to becoming successful is Giving?  That’s what this book intellectually and emotionally argues.  The five laws of stratospheric success aren’t hidden.  They’re the first thing you read in the book, but they mean so little until you read on, to the story that gives the laws true meaning.

It was this book that has gotten me more involved in helping other people around me and it’s been a wonderful experience.  To be entirely honest a large component of why I started this blog can be found in this book.  I’m not saying I write because I expect someone to give me money for it, but I write so that I can give.  Give some answers to entrepreneurs and sales people who need direction in this crazy marketing world.

If I can help people, I feel fulfilled and it’s helped me in other ways.  My writing has improved.  I’m more conscientious about my own design work as I keep sharpening the foundations I teach.  Finally, all these books are constantly expanding my viewpoint.

With that in mind, sometimes the book’s laws don’t work out entirely in such a fairy tale way.  My first excited attempt at giving ended in people mistaking my enthusiasm for impatience and my tone for insulting – which ended in a lot of she-said/he-said office politics when I inadvertently stepped on some toes.

But, it does work out in many other ways, as I said before.  So don’t give up. Give these laws a chance.  Try to do them one-per-day right along with the story.

This book is a definite fantastic read.  I’ve already read it 3 or 4 times.  Give it a shot if you’d like to see how much your sales or other career can grow.

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