Review: The Power of Who by Bob Beaudine and Tom Dooley

Down and Dirty: 5 out of 5

A very solid book about how our society uses relationships in everything for selling, to getting a job and everything in between.

Bob and Tom do an amazing job of shining light on the dying art of networking.  The premise is simple: You already know everyone you need to know to get anything you want in life.  The real problem is how often we let these important relationships fade to uselessness.  That’s an easy thing to fix, Bob explains, and it’s darn fun too.

The book explains how true relational selling works in life both at decluttering and simplifying life.  It goes into specifics about how to ask for things, build good relationships and become a better person for those who care about you.

Bob also touches on other factors: the powerful way we touch other people’s lives, even people we’ll never meet, the importance of knowing what it is you want in life and the importance of regularly reading books. (I might be biased towards this one!)

The Power of Who is a definite good read and flies by.  Give it a shot. I’ll probably be re-reading it again soon!

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