Review: The Toastmasters Podcast hosted by Bo Bennett and Ryan Levesque

Down and Dirty: 3.5 out of 5

Many of the shows are good and informative, but others are more for insiders who are Toastmaster members or promoting talks for Toastmasters’ annual convention.

As regular readers will know, I’ve been considering joining the Toastmasters after reading about them in One Minute Entrepreneur and hearing about them again in the same week on the forums of My Total Money Makeover from another informative user.  Not one to jump into something completely unknown, I decided to do some research.

Enter The Toastmasters Podcast hosted by Bo Bennett and Ryan Levesque, which is co-produced by Toastmasters International and Archieboy Holdings, LLC.

First off, this is entirely free which is my favorite audio resource. If you have the time there is plenty of good information to mull over in the 20+ minute episodes.  I especially found interesting:

  • Episode 10: Effective Intercultural Communication
  • Episode 11: Developing Business Communication Skills
  • Episode 16: What’s Your Hook?
  • Episode 20: Delivering Bad News in Style
  • Episode 21: Overcoming Objections
  • Episode 23: Fighting Stage Fright
  • Episode 40: Enthusiasm! The Cure for the Common Speech
  • Episode 42: Know Thy Fear
  • Episode 51: The Copycat Method

There are other good ones, but these are what came to mind when writing.  Certainly this isn’t a series to listen to in a few sittings, there is a lot of information packed into these interviews.  However, as my theory goes, if you can get just one new kernel of new insight then it’s worth your time.

Chances are, with so many episode there are a lot of insights for you to glean – all for free. (Did I mention it costs you nothing but time to listen?)

My only beef was with my feeling of being an outsider looking in since I’m not currently a Toastmaster. However I found myself much more comfortable going to my first meeting this morning (of my writing this blog) thanks to listening to these podcasts and getting to know the culture of Toastmasters.

Major kudos to Bo and Ryan; I feel like I know them both and would love to buy them some drinks sometime.

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