Review: Tom Peters Seminar “Crazy Times Call for Crazy Organizations”

Down and Dirty: 4 out of 5

Highly energizing with some zany yet intriguing ideas.

This audio book/seminar is a very short read at just over 2.5 hours, however if it doesn’t get you thinking I don’t know what will. Tom Peters is famous for his authority on business, especially it’s survival in difficult times and this book/seminar has been my first real exposure to his work.

He talks a great deal about the economy of the mind, of intelligence and creativity and learning being what is important not company structure or even location. I loved the ‘spaghetti’ concept of organizing company culture.

My biggest take away has been the concept of ‘resumé-ing” in which all employees and bosses are required to update their resumé every six months. That all projects should be taken with the expressed concern of whether it will help build and expand the resumé.  This isn’t selfish, Tom argues, but actually a way of best serving your customers, boss, coworkers as well as yourself because you’re constantly growing and can give demonstrable proof of the impact you’re making for the company. You can’t rest on your laurels or do the same-old-thing and expect for a raise, promotion or recognition. Heck you can’t even expect to keep your job, as middle management has found out.

The book focuses a great deal on the fact our businesses are having a serious problem with creating interesting and original products/services. We’ve become top-heavy with employees and bureaucracy without the benefits expected. Tom shouts a SOS and screams for change from the mountain top.  Sure, he admits, he’ll be happy if all the ideas in his book are half right and surprised that he’s even that correct, however without making some drastic changes – revolutions – the business world is in big trouble.

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