Review: Unleashing the Ideavirus by Seth Godin

Down and Dirty: 4 out of 5

Innovative and amazing, but now a little dated by his more recent materials.

This is the #1 most read full-length eBook of ALL TIME. Want to know why? It went viral. How? Well that’s the premise of the book. Unleashing the Idea Virus STARTS with telling people to steal the book, share it, download it for free online – yes you heard me the entire book is FREE online. No excuse for not reading this one folks!

Seth Godin’s genius was proven when, despite him offering the entire book FREE. Frankly, most of his books materials are available free in his blog or other places. Seth isn’t afraid of losing money because he’s sharing his ideas.

That is one of the big secrets behind Seth’s book, though he goes into more details. The big question left from Permission Marketing was “So, how do we get attention to ask for permission in the first place?” I’m going to give you verbatim Seth’s answer at the beginning of his manifesto:

Marketing by interrupting people isn’t cost-effective anymore. You can’t afford to seek out people and send them unwanted marketing messages, in large groups, and hope that some will send you money.

Instead, the future belongs to marketers who establish a foundation and process where interested people can market to each other. Ignite consumer networks and then get out of the way and let them talk.

This in fact ties in very nicely with the book I recently read called The Referral Engine by John Jantsch. What Jantsch details out as best he can in “2012 down-and-dirty, roll up your sleeves and start working” terms, Seth gives the precursor shot-across-the-bow. Most importantly the WHY the old way isn’t working and why this way does.

What’s amazing is that this book was published in 2001 – ten years ago yet it remains extremely relevant as the change becomes more and more vital to make.

Before you write this off as a lot of nonsense, I’d like to point out I PAID for this book and would do so again, even though it’s available completely free of charge. I’m not the only one either, as it made #5 on Amazon’s Best Seller List and #4 Best Seller in Japan.

It’s easy to argue you’ll lose money by unleashing your ideavirus with no control, with no guarantee of profit. But I think Seth’s success even in this book alone sort of proves that fear is nonsense when done right.

Read this book, there’s no excuse for not doing so. Here’s the link again for anyone who wants to download it free.

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