Review: Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson

Down and Dirty: 4 out of 5

A short tale that’s very good for people who need a small bite of insight on change and how to cope.

It’s amazing how much of what we ‘learn’ is life is the stuff of which our parents and grandparents and other thoughtful figures in life might have told us.  What is it about life that makes you want to relearn it all for yourself?

Who Moved My Cheese? follows two people, Hem and Haw and two mice, Sniff and Scurry who all have to figure out what to do when their cheese is ‘moved’.  The story as it unravels, departs important things to keep in mind when dealing with and preparing for change.

Below are the writings Haw makes as he travels in search of new cheese, though they will make much more sense when you read this short book:

  • Change will happen.
  • Anticipate change.
  • Monitor your situation so you’ll know when change is coming.
  • Adapt to change quickly.
  • Change.
  • Enjoy change!
  • Be ready to change quickly and enjoy it again.

I recommend this book especially as a life line to anyone who feels they are drowning in bad or difficult situations.  “Cheese” is not just money, but a job, fulfillment, relationships, customers – whatever it is that you desire – so the tale is a useful kick in the pants no matter where that change is happening in your life.

The book is nice and short, only about 90 minutes on audio, so it’s easily digestible in a single sitting.

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