Revisions Happen

Any writer worth their salt also has a few editors worth their salt too. If you’re considering working on your own writing (And you should! Blogs, Newsletters, Emails and White Papers don’t write themselves) then try to get some editors around you too.

Revisions are the difference between a raw unpolished concept and a gem of a meme that people pass around. Sure maybe somewhere buried in that bad grammar and terrible humor is a nugget of gold, but customers aren’t necessarily going to work to find it.

Revisions are a part of life! From product revisions to service package revisions to your writing. I know it gets very tiresome, and heck it won’t happen all the time, especially not for blogs or Facebook posts. However, don’t sabotage yourself by not taking the time and effort to get good dynamic feedback and revise your work at least 5 times.

That might sound like a lot, but it takes at least that long to tighten up loose language, clarify a point, reword a conclusion and fill in the missing information you assumed your audience understood.

Keep revising and each rendition will feel sharper and stronger. It will also have a better impact on your audience.

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