Sales Funnel Step Two: Warming Up the Prospects

SalesFunnel_ProspectWarmingNow that you’ve got a potential client’s information, you’re going to need a plan of action to warm them towards you. Close your eyes for a moment and think back to signing up for free things. What free newsletters and emailers,  free programs and consultations did you like? Which ones did you keep on for a long time, or that you still visit and enjoy today?

Make a list of those. Think about each one. How did they treat you? Where they in your face advertising? Did they offer you lots of brain boggling discounts? What about just good useful relevant advice you liked? What made you stick with them?

Now think back to your target audience. What do they hold as most important? What type of content do they consume? (Are they more book-readers or podcast listeners? Do they prefer in-person talks or webcasts? Etc)

Armed with this information, now brainstorm some ideas for great warming content. Things that will help you build a relationship with the prospects, make them like, know and trust you. You can make occasional offers about your business (IE: This month we have a buy 10 hours, get 1 hour free deal), and your contact information should always be there for when someone has that need they can find a way to get to you easily and fast.

However, keep it tasteful, not spam-ie. Remember the patterns of the freebies that you like and keep with. Remember these are people, not bags of cash you’re talking to.

Ideally you should decide how long the warming needs to go on before you try to make a sale.

One great way to test the waters if with a big trial offer once a quarter or year. However long you think it takes between a prospect’s first encounter and the sale.  If you have their phone numbers, this is a great time to make phone calls with an offer of an in-person visit or a chat over coffee.

Most businesses get stuck in permanent warming – never pushing for new first encounters or for the final sale. Don’t get stuck. Make sure you’re putting an equal amount of effort into all three stages of your sales funnel.

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