Review: Sandler’s Professional Advantage CD Set

Down and Dirty: 3.5 out of 5

A lot of good information but not well organized and with poor audio quality.

This is not a traditional book but a set of 12 audio CDs that were loaned to me by a sales person who swore by them. I feel like it really could have been 20 CDs to get down to the nitty gritty of what they were trying to teach. Often earlier CDs would make referrals to processes and terms that wouldn’t be explained until much later and then later they would tell you to re-listen to earlier CDs so that it would now make more sense. This seemed like a cheap way to get out of spending time to really organize the content into a progressive teaching tool.

Faults aside, there were a lot of nuggets of very useful information. I like that this set in particular is geared towards teaching non-sales-professionals how to sell. Therefore it tries (sometimes unsuccessfully) to avoid using industry jargon and keep the bar of explanation low.

Some of the techniques feel stiff and outdated, but many of the principles still work and remain tried and true.

Important things I got out of it included the clock method of encouraging sales where one stays less OK than the customer and less sure of the customer’s fit for the purchase than the customer. It also explains how to handle negative prospects in a way that actually might end up in a sale. Sandler emphasizes lots of practice and focus on behavior goals not outcome goals because sometimes behavior doesn’t get the expected outcome – you can’t control the outcome only the behavior – but if you keep doing the right behaviors it will pay off.

I liked the idea of setting contracts up front and of forcing a yes or no, never allowing a maybe or I’ll think about it.

The holistic approach of these CDs covers some philosophies I’ve read in other books like “you must give to get”, how to get referrals, and how important it is to keep your ego and your job separate. Worth a listen through, possibly two, but it will take some patience with the format to get through it.

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