Say Thank You Creatively

b2ap3_thumbnail_thankyouSeth Godin gave away limited edition behemoth books during his Kickstarter that would never be sold at bookstores, ever.

Charity: Water made hundreds of personal thank you videos for each person who gave up their birthday presents and instead asked for donations to Charity: Water.

Tanglewood Apartments left a signed handwritten card welcoming us to the neighborhood and thanking us for living in their apartments.

Hank Green drew hundreds of ‘Hanklerfish” into random pre-orders of his brother’s book.

Kevin Miller hosted an exclusive members-only webinar with popular star Dan Miller  (of 48 Days to the Work You Love fame) where members could ask questions and get them personally answered. Oh yes, and then he sent every member a signed copy of When Wisdom Meets Passion by Dan Miller and Jared Angaza.

A parts company my aunt orders from packs a bag of high quality gummy bears in with every 20th package of parts she orders.

SourceFed highlights their members by answering questions once a week in their “Comment Commentary.”

So let me ask you: How could you be saying thank you in a way that builds your Tribe of fans, increases your referrals and improves customer retention?

(Hint: It won’t be by sending automated printed out generic holiday or birthday cards)

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