Six Promotional Blunders

We’ve all made mistakes, but these are some doozies!

1)   Making a poster or mailer with no contact information.  So now you’ve got the potential customer all ready to buy from you and they have to go hunting for your phone number? Don’t let this happen!  Make it prominent and put it in multiple places if necessary.

2)   Proof reading everything but the main title or message.  Don’t spend hours going over the long copy and forget to double and triple check your headline! The copy won’t matter at all if your customer reads “Atuo Repair from Car Magic is Fast!” (Don’t laugh.  Someone actually had a banner like that hanging over their business!)

3)   Terrible photo resolution or color.  If your photo is blurry or has a big copyright watermark over it proving you stole this right off the internet illegally what does that say about how much a person can trust you not to steal from them?  Don’t send the wrong subliminal message.

4)   Making the type so small magnifying glasses are needed. Look, paper is cheap so if you absolutely must have that 4 pages of text, don’t try to cram it into two.  If you can’t afford the 4 pages, then cut cut cut! Not everyone has perfect vision and they won’t necessarily put the effort in to try and read your tiny text.

5)   Forgetting the expiration date. This can be a big problem if you’re offering a special deal or coupon and forget to put in limits or expirations.  Do you really want this to haunt you for the rest of your company’s existence?

6)   Not passing the ‘human’ test. This is almost a no-brainer.  You ought to be giving a draft of your design to someone who isn’t part of your company and asking ‘Does this make sense to you?’  If it doesn’t, don’t dismiss it.  There are so many things you can forget like, oh, a message, that someone outside the company will catch in a heartbeat.



Designer Challenge: Get a few people together to review past marketing you’ve done. People that aren’t in your company and maybe don’t even have the background of the people you normally sell to.  Bring them in and write down everything they say.  Next time you work on a marketing piece, re-read those notes for a better perspective on what to address and how to do it.

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