Small Business Marketing for $600 – Part Eight: Back Up, Back Up, Back Up

For $60 a year you can have all of your computer files regularly backed up on a remote server with  There are probably other backup services, in fact, I know there are: however this is the one I use and know so I’m talking about it. I don’t care what service you use, but make it cheap, reputable, automated and easy to use.

You will not know horror until your computer’s hard drive scrambles and you lose not only all your marketing files but your accounting information, your details about that partnership contract you were working on, all your training manuals, etc.

Some people back up their files onto DVD-R discs which is fine until you think about things like fires, tornados, floods and the fact that we are naturally forgetful creatures and don’t always remember to back up those files regularly. An automated backup service that keeps the files off-location from your computer is the sort of insurance for your business’ livelihood I don’t recommend going without.

While we’re talking back ups.  Are you also keeping your files organized well so in a few years you can find them if need be? It’s a tough thing to set up and maintain but it will save you a lot of work and panic in the future should you, say, need to pull up a receipt from that plumber who said his work was guaranteed for 5 years when on the fourth year the pipes burst.

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