Small Business Marketing for $600 – Part Six: What, You’re Out of Money?

If you’ve followed my series so far, you’re out of money!  What makes you think that’s the end of your marketing?

Oh no no no… heck that was just the beginning!

How about starting a blog on your website to increase traffic? Make it useful regular content that your customers would like to know about. If you’re a restaurant maybe you talk about where your dishes were inspired from or feature a dish, offer a special date-night where you put up candles and lower the lights and bring in a violinist. If you’re service oriented, maybe you do blog posts like ‘Ten Tips to Preventing Disaster’, maintenance advice, troubleshooting suggestions and new product reviews.  I think you get the idea, I hope anyhow.

Write two articles a week: one for your website and one for an advice forum like to drive traffic to your website.

A farm, yes the same farm I mentioned earlier with the poorly designed but interesting website, also sends out emails to anyone who participates in their CSA, past or present. Each week they send out a notice about where they will be around the city, when and what produce they will have available. Even though I’m not active with the CSA I haven’t unsubscribed and stop in occasionally to say hi and buy some veggies. When my grandparents asked about where to find good organic beef, who do you think I sent them to? The emails are simple text emails listed out in a clear format. It costs them nothing but a little time.

You could step up your e-news with a free e-newsletter service like Mailchimp.  At least, it’s free until you hit a certain number of contacts. Very useful in the meantime to create simple, nice-looking e-newsletters.

Of course all of this hinges on getting people subscribing and interested in receiving regular communication from you and that means you’ve got to ‘beat the pavement’.

Word of mouth is one of the most useful and elusive advertising methods available. With 1000 business cards and brochures you can afford to hand out plenty of material for people who like your services to share with others. Other free marketing can including offering discounts for referrals, holding contests, walking the floor of tradeshows in your field, talking to friends and professional contacts to get the word out, etc.

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