Small Business Marketing for $600 – Part Three: Design Design Design

Actually this part won’t cost you much if you do it yourself. With a computer and all the free software from part two you can do a lot. Just keep in mind not to steal photos from the internet that aren’t legal.  Here is a link to a blog I wrote about where to find cheap or free photos.

The biggest challenge with design is figuring out WHAT you want to say and how you want to say it. This is going to require several brainstorming sessions.  If you’re more content and text oriented, then just write up a lot of content. If you’re more visual, draw up some doodles.

A very good way to jump start is to pull a bunch of magazine and newspaper advertisements you like and copy techniques and the looks of some.  This is very useful for those of us without much design background, just don’t copy ads that are from competing companies to your own!

Use one or more of the free software programs you now own and some of those free photos you’ve found from the above blog-link and start putting something together!

Need a logo in a hurry? Normally I don’t recommend putting little thought into your logo but here are some free/cheap logo resources to get you thinking:

I’m working on a more comprehensive logo guide, but this will hopefully get things rolling in the event you’re ready to go now!

P.S. – You are running all your designs by at least 10 people before you publish anything right? Don’t spend money on stuff that doesn’t work!


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