Snowed in? Say thank you and make a profit!




In Kentucky we panic and raid the grocery whenever there’s a chance of flurries. In the country where I live, with just three inches of snow and more on its way tomorrow, almost everything has shut down. We’ve hunkered down with our copious supplies of mystery novels, firewood and munchies to wait it out until things melt.

Some of you are laughing at me right now, it’s okay, I know we’re wusses about snow. But if you’re getting hit with a big storm right now and you’re at all like me, going a little stir crazy, here’s a great way to unwind and still be helping grow your business.

Write thank you cards.

If you’re a doodler, feel free to add little drawings if that seems to fit. Have some fun with it. Let your personality shine. Despite even using crayon on some of my cards, I’ve only received high praise and thanks for my doodles.

Studies have connected coloring to offering similar effects to us as meditation, so you’ll be helping calm and center yourself. But more, you’ll be practicing gratitude to contacts, clients, friends and other people who have helped your business. When you write down things you’re grateful for, your mindset shifts almost unavoidably more positive!

The cherry on top is that at the end of it all, you’ll have a nice stack of thank you cards ready to mail out when the roads are safe to drive again. Hand written thank you cards are powerful connections. I’ve had friends and contacts tell me two years later they still have a card I wrote them. That’s good will and word of mouth you can’t buy.

So treat yourself to some meditation and good vibes and ultimately to better relationships with friends, colleagues and clients for a truly wonderful winter land.

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