Some Advice on Building a Blog Audience

101_Blog_Ideas_for_Small_BusinessUse social media to broadcast your blog posts. Tweets of various pieces of the blog each day/week and one Facebook post can help. Use hashtags to attract attention from those who aren’t yet subscribed to you and subscribe to any and every twitter account you can think might be remotely interested in what you do. This will help build your social media audience which will then build your blog audience

Write articles for places like and with links back to your website or blog. It can’t be exactly word for word a post you’ve done, but repurposing and rewriting useful content you’ve already blogged about will help reach a secondary audience and improve search engine results because of the links back.

Have a short blog address like and then print up stickers or business cards and share them with everyone you meet that might have a need or interest. If they mention a friend who also might have a need/interest, give them extras.

Shout out to your friends/family and encourage them to share you blog with others who might have a need/interest. Offering a special exclusive download for those who subscribe to your blog can increase subscriptions.

Volunteer to teach a class, run a workshop or act as a consultant for a group of people your blog’s advice could help. At the end, offer them those business cards/stickers to just write out the blog address on a white board for them to visit.

Visit forums that could use your type of help and offer regular help to those asking questions. Not only will this spawn blog ideas, but if you keep a link of your blog in your forum signature it will advertise your blog!

Visit like minded or other blogs you like and leave helpful genuine comments. A lot of blogs still allow a place for you to include a link to your own website and this is a great way to tap into the involved audiences of other bloggers. By being informed and useful, people will be inclined to click on your link to see more of your golden advice.

Interview people and link back to them and their websites, etc. People love attention and will share your blog post with their friends. If they own a blog/website of their own they might even post about it on their website, increasing traffic and potential new readers.

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