Some Marketing Ideas for the Kentucky Derby Festival

b2ap3_thumbnail_thunderoverlouisvilleOffer a ‘Pegasus Deal’, ‘Fireworks Special’, or run some ‘Marathon Madness’ discount that will harp on our local events. This works for Louisville as well as New Albany!

Host a party with a big screen and surround sound so people can view the event without having to fight traffic. Having family events like face painting, games and some grilled hot dogs can be an affordable way to involve your customers and grow awareness.

Create a special taxi-service for your customers. Let them park in your parking lot further away from the event, rent a big bus and make rounds to pick up and drop off your customers to the parking lot.

Don’t forget the smaller events throughout the week. You might something that fits your niche better.

Gather a group to volunteer during the balloon glow. Take photos, post on facebook, your website, tumblr, etc.

Host a round of betting on horses or other contests where 50% of the money goes to the winner and 50% goes to a charity.

Are you a cleaning group? Why not have a team volunteer for the cleanup crews at the parade?

Just volunteer and get involved with the Derby Festival. You never know who you will meet and how that may later in life give you connections that will bring you new customers!

Run your own contest or event. Think Harbor House’s ‘Ken-ducky Derby’ or how our local school has a series of derby themed relay races. If it’s fun and hits your target market, it’ll be a hit!

Give prizes for the best photos from an event that best portray the spirit of the fun, let customers vote.

Start collecting special tips and tricks from employees, friends, family and customers on how to survive or get the most enjoyable derby experience. Post the tips on Facebook, websites, etc. If you’re a brick and mortar business, publish a survival handbook. I’m thinking like ‘essentials to bring’, ‘food carts to hunt down’, ‘the best places to park’ and stuff like that.

Hand out survival sunscreen or something else useful and needed for people to take to an event.

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