Supporting a Cause

b2ap3_thumbnail_supportingYou’ve likely heard of Tom’s Shoes, which give away a pair of shoes to someone in need every time you buy a pair for yourself.

Yesterday I mentioned Louisville’s Heine Brothers and their mission for sustainable coffee trade, but they also support Fair Trade products, local businesses and local music.

Both of these are excellent examples of giving your business unique marketing potential and drive, as well as resonating with a special tribe of customers.

Now, I don’t write this post to suggest you should support a cause or charity because it will help your bottom line. Instead I suggest that these companies, in following their passion and being transparent about supporting their passion through doing business with them do great things. These great things attract people of like mind who may (or may not) end up doing business with you.

By supporting a cause you’re tapping into your drives and passions and that is always a rallying point for others. If all you’re interested in is a profit, don’t expect other people to get excited. It certainly doesn’t sound like you’re excited.


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